Boiler - Looking Northwest

Boiler-Pressure Parts Wall and Pipe Headers

Boiler-Steel Structure for Main Steam Piping Supports

Boiler-Cable tray works at 8m lvl

Boiler-Coal Piping Installation

Boiler-Pressure Parts Pipe Headers (West Side)

Boiler-Pressure Parts Pipe Headers (East Side)

Boiler-LBC Piping Installation (West Side)

Boiler - 100m Level

Steam Turbine Hall (West Side)

Steam Turbine Hall-ST / GT Table

CEB - Cable Trays Earthing - 0m level

MV Switchgear CEB - 4m level

4 nos. of MV/LV Transformer CEB - 4m level

CEB - 10m level

Main Transformer Area- Electrical duct works

Main Transformer Area- Delivery of 3rd GSUT

Boiler Electrical Building

Fabric Filter South Side

SWFGD GRP MCW Piping and Saddle Installation

MCW Pipe Trench at Reclaimed Existing 5 yr Ash pond

CW Pump house

Service/Fire water storage tanks fdn works

Demin Water Treatment Plant  Fdn Works

Fly Ash Silo Fdn

Condensate Make-up Tank

FGD Area - Looking North

Land reclaimation works