Excavation/Compaction -Turbine Hall -Preparation For Platform Level And Access Road Prior Commencement Of Bore Pile Works.

Bore Rig # 5 -Hr240 -Hydraulic Unit -Econpile.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile # B71 -1200mm dia.

Preparation Works -Bentonite Pipes To Turbine Hall -Synohydro.

Steel Reinforcement Preparation -Ground Beam -Consortium Office.

Formwork Preparation-Ground Beams -Consortium Office.


Laying Of Bentonite Pipes -From Pond To Turbine Hall Area -Synohydro.

Installation/Setting Up Of Bore Rig # 5 -Hydraulic Unit.

Backfilling Works -MCWS -Pipes/Box Culvert Area.

Unloading Of Sheet Piles -For Bunker/Boiler/Turbine Hall -Prior De-Watering/Excavation For Foundation.

Excavation -Prior Commencement Of Bore Pile Works -Turbine Hall.

Survey /Setting Out Works -MCW -Pipes Area -Backfilling Works.

Ground Beam Preparation -Consortium Office.


400 tons of Sheet piles arrive for ST Foundation Cofferdam


Excavation -Turbine Hall Area.

Bore Rig # 5 -Hydraulic -Pending Installation.

Backfilling -Circulation Water Pipes Area -BOP.



Soil Investigation -Coal Yard Area.

Preparation For Consortium Office -Ground Beams.

Concreting To Pile # A17-1200mm dia.

Installation -Steel Cage -Pile # A17-1200mm dia.

Installation -Steel Cage -Pile # A17 -1200mm dia.


Site Dry Mix Batching Plant in full operation.

Site Office Foundation Ground Beams in progress.


Concreting To Pile # B100 -1000mm dia.

Installation Of Bentonite Mixer Pumps -Synohydro.

Proposed Silt Trap Area.

Formwork -Ground Beams -Consortium Office.

Steel Fixing -Bore Pile Cage.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile # A23.

Boring To Pile # A29 -1000mm dia.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile # B100 -1000mm dia.

Ground Beam Preparations -Consortium Site Office.