MNG 4 south view

STH and CEB south view

Fabric Filters south view

STH Roof

Boiler Roof

Client HV Switchyard

Piperack 2

Transfer Towers

Stacker Reclaimer B

Aeration basin

GRP Phase 6

MCW north end

Industrial Waste Basin


Raw and Fire Water Tank

Demin plant and PR 'A'


 Boiler west
 Boiler east
 FD fan east

 Boiler west FD fan
 External polishing plant slab
 STH Elec FWP slab
FGD Fabric Filer elec BLD 
 FGD Fabric Filer elec BLD 
Piperack 4 
 Crusher house
Transfer tower 13


 MNG4 east side view
 STH 16m lvl B30 FW pumps
 STH 16m lvl
 STH 16m lvl
 STH 8m lvl Excitation Rm
 Boiler East side PA fan
 Boiler East side FD fan
 FGD Absorber pump slab
 FGD fan station
 Aeration basin
 Aeration Basin Elec BLD
 Aeration Basin
 GRP phase 6
GRP phase 4
MCWPH south end

 Electohchlorination BLD
 MCW pipe north of MCWPH
 Coal & BOP Elec BLD
 Piperack 4
 Stacker Reclaimer A
 Coal transfer tower 13
 Coal yard Control BLD
Client HV yard