Boiler east side 250 ton crane onsite

 Boiler Ash Hopper (SSC)

 Boiler Center area looking north

 Boiler F10

Boiler F08

STH: Rebar for columns and walls between -5.2m and 0m 

STH -5.2m south west

SW FGD GRP under new HV line

MCW excavation under new HV line

 New HV tower erection, 1/5 started onsite

Central Electrical Building foundations

SW FGD excavation by Stack area


Absorber/Reactor inlet/outlet SWFGD excavation work

Electrical pit # 07 - west of Boiler

Boiler F8

Boiler Ash Hopper (SSC)

Boiler F10

Boiler Mill G Sole plate

Boiler Mill E

  Boiler east looking north

 Boiler center looking north

 STH -5.2m - walls and columns

 STH west side looking south

  STH east side looking south

Boiler Electrical Building excavation work

Fabric Filter pedestals

Stack foundation

Central Electrical Building 

SWFGD GRP under new HV line


Boiler Mill H Soleplates

Boiler Mill G Packer plates

 Boiler east side

Boiler east and center 

 Boiler F8

Boiler Ash hopper (SSC)

 Boiler F11

Boiler center 
 Boiler north end, looking west

SWFGD GRP under New HV line

Central Electrical Building

STH -5.2m walls and columns

STH excavation works