Boiler, FGD Ducts, Booster Fans  and FF - Looking Southeast

Boiler - Looking Southeast
Boiler-Pressure Parts Wall and Pipe Headers

Boiler - 0m Lvl

Steam Turbine Hall - Southeast side

Steam Turbine Hall - South side

Steam Turbine Hall-ST / GT Table (South Side)

Steam Turbine Hall (West Side)

Main Transformer Area - 1st & 2nd GSUT
Central Electrical Building - Northwest side

CEB - 0m level

MV Switchgear CEB - 4m level

CEB - 20m level

Main Transformer Area- Looking East

Boiler Electrical Building

Fabric Filter - Looking North

Fabric Filter - Looking Northeast

SWFGD GRP Phase 3 and MCW Saddle

SWFGD GRP and MCW North of New HV Line (North end)

MCW Pipe Trench at Reclaimed Existing 5 yr Ash pond

Excavation at Aeration Basin

Reclaimed Existing 5 yr Ash pond

Condensate Make-up Tank

Electrical Ductbank between Pit 4 and 5

FGD Area - Looking South

FGD Area - Looking Northeast