Boiler, FGD Ducts, Booster Fans  and FF - Looking Southeast
Boiler & STG Building - Looking Northwest
Boiler - Looking Southeast
Boiler - Looking Southwest

Boiler-Pressure Parts Wall and Pipe Headers
Boiler Area 6 Steel structure Works
Boiler Area 2 Slab Concreting Works
Steam Turbine Hall - Looking West
Steam Turbine Hall-ST / GT Table (North Side)
Steam Turbine Hall (South Side)
MV Switchgear CEB - 4m lvl
Central Electrical Building cable tray installation- 4m Level
Central Electrical Building - 10M level
Central Electrical Building - 16m Level
Main Transformer Area- Looking East
Main Transformer Area - 1st & 2nd GSUT on Site

Boiler Electrical Building

SWFGD GRP and MCW North of New HV Line (North End)
SWFGD GRP and MCW North of New HV Line (South End)

Reclaimed Existing 5 yr Ash pond
Service/Fire water storage tanks fdn works
Demin Water Treatment Plant  Fdn Works
FGD Area - Looking South
FGD Electrical Building

Electrical Ducting between Pit 3 and 4 
Fly Ash Silo Fdn
Screening House - Looking Southwest