Power Block viewed from southeast

STH - MP/LP Piping

IPB & Unit Trafo

Piperack 1 west end

ID Fan

FGD Duct

Cooling water pumphouse south side

Cooling water pumphouse north side

Outlet channel at CWPH area

Manjung 4 viewed from reclaimed land area


STH -  -ve 5.2 m level 

STH -  -ve 5.2 m level

STH - Condenser Modules

STH west wall (From within STH)

Lub Oil Rm

STH - Power Train

STH - Lifting of LP Inner casing
STH - Piping erection

Unit Transformer


FGD Booster Fans & Ducts

Chimney and FGD Duct

FF/FGD Electrical Building

Bottom ash silo

Demin plant


Boiler cavity

Boiler HP piping

Boiler HP piping

Boiler top level

Tripper deck

Fabric filter south end

Fabric filter and Pipe rack 1

BOP & Coal handling Electrical building

 FGD duct-work

Bottom ash silo

Fire fighting pump house

Demin plant

MCW pipeline

Coal yard


STH west wall

STH west wall (From within STH)

Piperack 1 cable trays

Fabric Filter

Fir fighting pump house

ID Fans

FGD Absorber / Reactor

FGD Bypass Duct


MCW north of STH

Botton ash silo foundation

Piperack 2