MNG4 southside

STH southside

CEB southside

Client coal yard

Client coal yard

Transfer Towers

Transfer Tower 11

Stacker Reclaimer 2

Client HV Switchyard

Demin plant

Aeration basin

Aeration basin

Aeration basin



Boiler Lower Furnace

Boiler Piping

Boiler Piping

Boiler Roof

Boiler Electrical Building and Pipe Racks

STH Roof and Annex

Fabric Filter

BOP & Coal Yard Electrical Building

MCW Pipe Manifold

BOP Water Treatment Electrical Building

Industrial waste basin

Stacker Reclaimer

FGD Ducts South Side


Boiler Cavity

Lube Oil Room

ST Generator piping

K11 Tank

CEB & Pipe Rack to Switchyard
MCW pipe manifold north of STH

FGD North side

Demin Plant

Coal Transfer Tower

Fly-ash Removal System Piling


 DCS FAT test
 DCS FAT test
DCS FAT test
 FF/FGD Electrcial BLD
 Fabric filter
 STH 0m lvl Excitation
 STH 0m lvl 
 STH 0m lvl Excitation
BOP Compressor plant
 BEB chiller
 Fly Ash Valves
 Bop & Coal Yard elec BLD
 GRP next to chimney
 MCW north of STH
Screening house