Weekly EHS ToolBox Meeting -Alstom/CMC/MCB/GIGA/SinoHydro/Murray Robert.

Final Preparation Prior Concreting -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Final Preparation -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler West Side -Prior Concreting.

Carting Away Of Debris (Hacked Piles) -Fabric Filter.

Excavation To Fabric Filter Area -North Side.

Hacking Of Piles -Fabric Filter Area.

Steel Fixing -Type 3 Foundation -Bunker/Mill -B11 -BB.

Steel Fixing -Type 2 Foundation -Bunker/Mill -B17-BB.

MLT -Chimney -Witnessed By OE/TNBJ.

BOP -MLT -Chimney -.

Pre-Pour Inspection By OE -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

BOP -Coal Yard -Preparation For Test Pile (Spun Pile).


Hacking Of Piles -Fabric Filter /Total Piles To Be Hacked =50piles.

PIT -Bunker/Mill -26points.

Steel Fixing -Type 2 -Foundation -B17-BA -Bunker/Mill.

Steel Fixing -Type 2 Foundation -B17-BB -Bunker/Mill.

PIT -Pile #T288 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall.

PIT -Bunker/Mill -26points.

Bar Cutting & Bending For Fabric Filter Foundations.

Excavation To Type F1 -Foundation -Boiler -East Side.

Installation Of Steel Reinforcement -Pedestal -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Installation Of Steel Reinforcement -Pedestal -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Pre-Pour Inspection By TNBJ/OE -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Pre-Pour Inspection -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.


Consortium Office -Alstom.

Consortium Office -CMC -Laying Of Bricks -Grd.Floor.

Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side-Scheduled For Concreting @15.12.2011 @550m3.

Steel Reinforcement -Type 3 -Foundation -Bunker/Mill -B11 -BB.

PDA -Pile # T057-1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall.

PDA -Pile # T057 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall -Witnessed By TNBJ/OE.

Bar Cutting & Bending For Bunker/Mill -Type 2 & Type 3 -Foundations.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -Type 3 Foundation-B11-BB.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -B13-BB -Type 3 -Foundation.

BOP -Chimney -Preparation For MLT -Scheduled On 15.12.2011.

Lean Concreting To Fabric Filter -Pile Caps.

Lean Concreting - Fabric Filter -Pile Caps.


 Boiler  Type F6 Foundation - Cast Saturday 19th November - Curing 

B01 Boiler Type F3 Foundation - Installation of Thermocouples  
           complete. Form work & Temporary Works in Progress.

                  B01 Pulveriser & Bunker Bay Steel Structure Pile Caps 
                    - Steel Fixing in progress.

B07 Fabric Filter - De-watering works

B07 Fabric Filter - Preparation for Lean Concrete

    Positioning of Sino Hydro Piling Ring @ B63 Polishing Plant Chemical Tank.


Steel Reinforcement Preparation -Bunker/Mill -Type2/Type 3 Foundations.

Bunker/Mill -Lean Concrete Completed -Grid:B11 -B3 -BA-BB.

Installation Of Formwork -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Type F6 -Boiler -West Side -Curing In Progress.

Bund Preparation -Dewatering System -Fabric Filter -South Side.

Bund Preparation -Dewatering System -Fabric Filter.(North Side).

PDA -Pile #T162-1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall.

PDA -Pile #T162 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall -SynoHidro.

Installation Of Thermal Monitoring System -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Inspection By OE -Thermal Monitoring System -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Inspection & Testing Of Thermal Monitoring System -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler-West Side.

BOP -Chimney -Preparation For MLT.