Boiler Steel erection east side

Boiler mill H

Boiler mill G

Boiler mill F

Boiler mill E

Boiler mill D

Boiler mill C

Boiler mill B 

Boiler mill A

Boiler east side

Boiler east side steel erection

Boiler centre and west - looking north

Boiler F10

Boiler F8

Boiler ash hopper (SSC)

Electrical Pits west of Boiler 

 STH west side

 STH looking north west
STH looking north east

STH west side

STH looking north

SWFGD GRP beneath New HV line

New HV tower foundations

MCW trench beneath New HV line

 Land reclamation 

Central electrical building foundations 

SWFGD GRP trench surrounding boiler


Boiler east side

Boiler area infront of mill bays

 Boiler Mill Bay F

Boiler Mill Bay E

Boiler Mill Bay D

Boiler Mill Bay C

 Boiler Mill Bay B

Boiler Mill Bay A

Boiler F8 and Lift pit

Boiler F10

Boiler Ash Hopper (SSC)

Steam Turbine Hall

 STH east side

 STH south side

 STH Rebar for walls and columns between -5.2m and 0m lvl

STH south side

 CW trench beneath new HV line

 Central electrical building

Stack Foundation

SW FGD GRP trench north of stack


Boiler looking north west

Boiler Mill F

Boiler Mill E 

Boiler Mill D 

Boiler Mill C

Boiler F10

 Boiler ash hopper (SSC)

Boiler F8  

 West of Boiler Cable duct pit 1/3

West of Boiler Cable duct pit 2/3

 STH Rebar north west

Central Electrical Building 

 CW pipe trench beneath New HV line
 Stack foundation

Stack foundation

Fabric Filter 
SWFGD GRP trench west of stack