Hacking Of Piles -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side -Pile #B39 -1200mm dia.

Inspection Of Steel Reinforcement -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -1st Phase Pour -B9.

Inspection Of Steel Reinforcement -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -1st Phase Pour -B9.

Bar Bending -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -1st Phase Pour -B13/B15.

Fabric Filter Area .

Installation Of Treme Pipes -Pile #T275 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall -SinoHydro.

Boring To Pile #T102-1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall -SinoHydro.

Installation Of Formwork -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -1st Phase Pour -B9.

Compaction -Backfilling Works -Upto Level EL-1.00 -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B1-B7.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -1st Phase Pour -Foundation -B11.


Consortium Office -East View -Laying Of Bricks In Progress.

Brick Laying -Consortium Office -Grd. Floor.

Brick Laying -Consortium Office-Alstom -Grd.Floor.

Bar Bending -Type F3 -Foundation -Bolier -West Side.

Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side -Preparation Of Formation Level -5.000.

Hacking Of Piles -Ash Hopper.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -1st Pour Foundation -B11.

Cleaning & Carting Away Of Debris (Hacked Piles) -Bunker/Mill.

Boring To Pile #A64 -800mm dia. -CCB -SinoHydro.

Concreting To Pile #A59-800mm dia. -CCB -SinoHydro.

Installation Of Dewatering Pipes -Boiler -East Perimeter.

Demobilizing 1 Unit Of Crawler Crane -50T -EconPile.

PIT -Bunker Mill -B9/B11/B13/B15.

PIT -FD & PA Fans -West Side -12nos.

Type F3 -Foundation -Formation Level Preparation -Boiler -West Side.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -1st Pour -B9.

Levelling Of Earth -Bunker/Mill -Foundation.

Lean Concreting To Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Lean Concrete To Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.


Consortium Office.

Weekly EHS Tool Box Meeting -ALSTOM/CMC/MCB/GIGA.

Boring To Pile #B12-800mm dia. -FGD -EconPile -Last Point For EconPile.

Excavation -Boiler Type F3 -Foundation -West Side.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -1st Pour Foundation -B9.

Bunker/Mill -Pile Cap -B15.

Boiler -Type F3-West Side -Foundation -Excavation In Progress. -

Boiler -Type F3-West Side- Foundation -West Side -Excavation In Progress.

Steel Fixing/Formwork -Bunker/Mill -1st Pour Foundation -B9.

Steel Fixing -Bunker Mill -1st Pour Foundation -B11.

Cleaning Of Debris -Hacked Piles -Bunker/Mill -B15.


Boring To Pile #B11-800mm dia. -FGD -EconPile.

Installation Of Dewatering Pipes -Boiler -North/East Side.

Sheet Piling -Boiler -Type F3/F6 -Foundation -West Side -Preparation For Coffer Dam.

Hacking Of Piles -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B15.

Boiler -Type F3/F6 -Foundation -West Side -Excavation In Progress.

Consortium Office -Installation Of Purlins -Roofings -In Progress.

Consortium Office -Alstom -Laying Of Bricks -Grd. Floor.

Consortium Office -Alstom -Concreting To Appron Slab.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -1st Pour Foundation -B9.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -1st Pour -Foundation -B9.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile #B32-800mm dia. -Main Control Building -SinoHydro.

Boring To Pile #B38 -800mm dia. -Main Control Building -SinoHydro.