STH south east end
CEB Control Rm 
 CEB Eng Rm
 BEB Elec BLD DCS panels
 Gas storage east of STH
 Absorber north end
 Fuel oil transfer station
 Fuel oil tie in
 Fuel oil tie in
 Demin plant Elec BLD
 Compressor BLD
 ID fan
 MCW pipe north of STH
 Stacker Reclaimer B
Access road east of Industrial Waste basin


 MNG4 north west end
 MNG4 north end
 MNG4 east side
 MNG4 south east end
Main Transformer Compound
 BOP area
  BOP area
  BOP area
FGD west side 
 Fabric Filter west side
 Main Transformer Compound & STH
 MCW pipe & GRP phase 3
  MCW pipe & GRP phase 3/4/6
 Aeration Basin
 MCW run to MCWPH
 CEB west
 STH roof
 Boiler PA fan West
 Boiler Tripper
 Demin Plant
 BOP Raw water & Fire water BLDs
 BOP area
 Coal & Bop Elec BLD

 Crusher house
 Crusher house
Transfer Tower 13