MCWPH North end
 MCWPH Center
MCWPH south end 
Road crossing of MNG 123 Ash conveyor 
MCW discharge channel 
Fuel oil forwarding  
Pipe rack 10 
STH - HP Heaters 
STH - Condenser 
Boiler Ash hopper


 MNG Entrance view
 Looking west
 looking north
MNGV reclamation 
MNGIV Ash pond 
Looking south 
looking north 
STH & Boiler eastside
 BOP area
 MCW pipe & Aeration basin
 Aeration basin
 Photo from MNG 123
Aeration Basin 
Client New HV switch yard 
MCW L61 
FGD Bypass 
 Fire Fighting pump house
 Compressor Building
 Industrial Waste pit
 MCW pipe east of STH
Boiler FD fan


Power Block viewed from Northwest

Boiler Cavity

Boiler Tripper Floor

HP Piping

Condenser Modules

STH - Power Train

Fabric Filter

FGD Bypass

FF/FGD electrical building & Bottom Ash Silo

Fly Ash Silo

Industrial Waste System

Fire Fighting

Demin Plant

MCW East of STH


 MCWPH North end
  MCWPH South end
  MCWPH center
MCW discharge 
 Electrochlorination building
STH Condenser 
STH Condenser  Module # 4 
Booster Fans 
FGD Bypass 
 Boiler cavity
 FF/FGD electrical building
 Piperack No.1
 Fire fighting pump-house
Water treatment electrical building 
 Industrial waste water basin
Stacker reclaimer No.1