Mill-G -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

F7-Boiler -East Side -Concreting To Stumps.

F7-Boiler-East Side -Concreting To Stumps.

Mill-E -Installation Of J-Bolts In Progress.

Chimney -Dewatering & Excavation -Preparation For Lean Concrete & Pile Hacking.

Mill-G -Concreting In Progress.

Mill-G -Concreting In Progress.



Joint Inspection -J-Bolts -Positioning & Elevation -F7 -Stumps.

F4-Type A -Boiler -West Side -Curing In Progress.

Mill-Pedestal -B7-BB -Formwork Installation.

Mill-Pedestal -B1-BB -Steel Fixing In Progress.

Turbine Hall -Raft Foundation -Grid9 -Grid 3 -B-D -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer.

Turbine Hall -Raft Foundation -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer.(-3.6MLSD).

Turbine Hall -Raft Foundation -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer (-3.6MLSD).

Chimney -BOP -Excavation In Progress.

Mill-Pedestal -B13-BB -Ready For Concreting.

Mill Pedestal -B11-BB -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

MILL-G -Final Preparation Prior Concreting.

MILL-G -Final Preparation Prior Concreting.

Chimney -BOP -Excavation -Preparation For Lean Concrete In Progress.


FGD -Pipes -Soil Improvement -Spun Pile -600mm dia.

F4-Type A -Boiler-West Side -Ready For Concreting.

F10-B4-Boiler -East Side -Concreting In Progress.

F4-Type-A -Boiler -West Side -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

F4-Type A -Boiler -West Side -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

Mill-E -Setting Up Of Frame Support.

Mill-G -Formwork Installation In Progress.

F4-Type A -Boiler -West Side -Concreting In Progress.

F4-Type A -Boiler -West Side -Concreting In Progress.

F7-Boiler -East Side -Stump -Adjustment Of Positioning/Leveling -J-Bolts.


Site Office Preparation -EverShendai.

Waste Water Pit -Boiler -East Side -Base Preparation In Progress.(6m x 6m x 3.9m)

Mill-G -Installation Of J-Bolts.

F10-B4 -Boiler -West Side -Curing In Progress.

Turbine Hall -Grid 4 -Grid -3 -Preparation For Lean Concrete -(-3.6MLSD).

Turbine Hall -Hacking Of Piles In Progress -Grid 5 -Grid 4 -B/D.

Turbine Hall -Raft Foundation -Grid 9 -Grid 4 -B-D -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer.

Turbine Hall -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer -Raft Foundation -Grid -9 -Grid -4 /B-D.(-3.6MLSD).

Mill-G -Installation Of Formwork In Progress.

Mill-G -Installation Of Formwork In Progress.

F3-Boiler -East Side -Stump -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

F1-Boiler West Side -Backfilling & Compaction.


 Murray Roberts - Offshore Culvert Section Storage & Offices
 Offshore Culverts (approx.360 tons each) with small 4x4 for scale.
 Culvert Production Line Fig.1 - 8 No. Casting Stations
 Culvert Production Line Fig.2 - 8 No. Casting Stations

 Murray Roberts - Offshore Dredging Operations & Support Boats
 SWFGD GRP Trench (Left) & MCW  (Right) Trench under new HV Lines 
to East of Existing Station on Reclaimed land
 PDA Testing on Chimney Piles
 TMBJ Land Reclamation To East of Existing Switch Yard
 Completed Boiler Mill Foundation H - Stripped of Formwork Stripped 
& Template awaiting Transfer to Mill Foundation F.
Turbine Hall Foundation - Central East Portion prepared for blinding concrete.