FGD -Pipe Line -Spun Pile 400mm dia -Soil Improvement.


Steel Cutting & Bending -Chimney -Foundation.

Fabric Filter -Backfilling In Progress -Grid 5 -Grid 8.

F5 -Boiler -Hacking Of Piles In Progress.

Steel Casing -Condensate Sump Pit -Turbine Hall.

Condensate Sump Pit -Turbine Hall -Installation Of Steel Cage For Pipe.

Tower Crane Foundation - Preparation For Base Slab Concreting.

Site Visit -Briefing -Board Of Directors -TNB.

Site Visit -Board Of Directors -TNB.

Welcoming Board -Site Visit By TNB Board Of Directors.

Chimney -Hacking Of Piles In Progress.

Mill-D -Installation Of Formwork.

Waste Water Pit -Boiler -East Side -Steel Reinforcement -Base Slab.


Chimney -Lean Concrete & Cutting Of Pile Prior Hacking In Progress.

Chimney -Delivery Of Steel Reinforcement -Foundation.

F4 -Type A -Boiler -West Side -Fixing Of Tie Rod & Formwork -Stump.

Mill-F -Inspection Prior Handing Over To EverShendai.

Mill-D -Adjusting To J-Bolts In Progress.

Mill-Pedestal -B3-BA -Concreting.

Turbine Hall -Grid 3 -Grid 2 -Hacking Of Piles Completed.

Turbine Hall -Steel Reinforcement -Raft Foundation.

Turbine Hall -Condensate Sump Pit -Installation Of Steel Cage -Pipe.

Turbine Hall -Formwork Installation -Tower Crane Foundation -South Side.

Turbine Hall -Steel Reinforcement -Raft Foundation.


Chimney -Lean Concrete And Preparation For Pile Hacking.

FGD -Pipes -Spun Pile -400mm dia. -Soil Improvement -1st Phase.

Waste Water Pit -Boiler -East Side -Steel Reinforcement.

150T Crane -EverShendai -Preparation For Installation Of Pulverizer -Mill-H.

Mill-D -Installation Of Formwork.

F5-Boiler -Lean Concrete In Progress.

Fabric Filter -Steel Fixing -Stump.

Preparation For Installation Of Pulverizer -Mill-H.

Mill-F -Curing In Progress.

Installation Of Pulverizer -Mill -H.

Installation Of Pulverizer -Mill-H.

Erection Of Site Office -EverShendai.


Chimney -Preparation For Lean Concrete.

FGD -Pipe Line -Piling Works -Spun Pile 400mm dia. -Soil Improvement.

Waste Water Pit -Boiler -East Side -Steel Fixing In Progress.

F10-B4 -Boiler -West Side -Backfilling & Compaction.

Mill Pedestal -B1-BA -Applying Of Curing Compound.

Turbine Hall -Steel Reinforcement -Raft Foundation -Top Layer.

Turbine Hall -Steel Fixing -Raft Foundation.

Turbine Hall -Condensate Sump Pit -Base Preparation.

CEB -Preparation For Lean Concrete.

Mill-E -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

Mill-E -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.