MCWPH north end
MCWPH south end 
Electrochlorination building 
MCW ash conveyor crossover 
 FWP baby Turbine No.2
HO heaters 8m lvl 
ST Valve 
 CEB control room
 HP piping
Fire Fighting deluge system 
Fire fighting U/Gs 
 Lub oil room
 Fabric Filter/FGD Elec Building 
FGD ducting 
Absorber/Reactor tower 
Bottom Ash and Fly Ash towers 
Demin plant 
Raw/Fire water tanks 
Raw water U/Gs 
 Raw water U/Gs 
MCW east of STH 
 Boiler ash hopper assmebly
Stacker reclaimer material and assembly area
Transfer tower no. 14  
 Coal handling Control room(north end)
 Transfer tower no. 10 & Conveyor
Transfer tower no. 11  
Transfer tower no. 14 2


 Boiler Cavity
Absorber/Reactor Tower 
 Fabric Filter Electrical building
 MCWPH north end
Coal Yard & BOP Elec building 
 Water treatment(BOP) Elec building
 Compressed Air Building
 Piperack 1
Fly Ash Silo 
 Bottom Ash Silo
Emergency Diesel Generator


STH - Feed Water Baby Turbine
 STH-Bearing pedestals 6 & 7
 STH - Condenser Modules
STH - HP Hesaters 
 STH - L61
 Boiler cavity looking north
Boiler rear-end - air heater 
Boiler rear-end - air heater  
Boiler bunker bay Mill sealing air system
Boiler cavity 
 Fire fighting
 Demin plant
 Industrial waste system
 Crusher house
 Coal yard and BOP Electrical Building
 Compressed air building
Fabric filter