Pan View - SWFGD GRP-West of Chimney - Looking South
 Delivery of GRP Pipes
 Booster Fans - Looking North
 North of Fabric Filter
 Pan View - Fabric Filter - West side
 Laydown Area - East side
 Boiler - Structural Steel - West side
 Mill Area - Pulverizer - South Side - Looking West
 Steam Turbine Hall - EL +0.00m - Looking West
 Steam Turbine Hall - EL +0.00m - Looking South

 Steam Turbine Hall - West Side - EL +0.00m - Looking North

 Central Electrical Building - EL +0.00m - Looking West

 South of Steam Turbine Hall
 Steam Turbine Hall - South Side - Looking West
 Boiler /Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Northwest
 Steam Turbine Hall - North Side - Looking West

 Boiler Cavity Area
 Fabric Filter - East Side - Looking Northwest

 Boiler Electrical Building - Looking North
 Boiler - Structural Steel - East side
 Fabric Filter - North Side - Looking Southwest


 Pan View - Balance of Plant - Looking South

 SWFGD_GRP Pipe Installation - Looking East
 Booster Fans Looking East

 Fabric Filter - West Side - Looking Northeast
 Bolier Structural Steel - West Side
 Bolier Structural Steel - West Side - Looking Southeast
 Steam Turbine Hall at El +0.00m - Looking South
 Steam Turbine Hall Ground level slab Reinforcement
 Steam Turbine Hall EL +0.00m - Looking North
 Steam Turbine Hall - North Side
 Bolier Structural Steel - South Side
 Laydown Area - Looking West 
Central  Electrical Building at EL +0.00m - Looking South
 Central  Electrical Building - Column - Reinforcement

Central  Electrical Building - Looking Southeast
 Steam Turbine Hall - South side
 Spun Pile - Beneath New HV Line
 Mill Area-Pulverizer -East Side
 Boiler Area - East Side - Electrical Pit

 Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking Southwest
 Boiler Electrical Building -  Looking Northeast
 Fabric Filter - South Side - Looking Northwest
 Fabric Filter - Steel Structure Erection in progress
Chimney Area - Looking West


 Aeration Basin Area - MLT test
 Aeration Basin Area - MLT test
 MCW-Beneath New HV Line
 MCW-Beneath New HV Line

Balance of Plant - Looking Northwest
 Steam Turbine Hall South Side - Looking West

 Electrical Central Building - East Side
 Boiler-Structural Steel-South Side - Looking Northeast 
 Turbine Hall - South Side - Looking West
 Turbine Hall - Slab at El +0.00 Looking West
 Turbine Hall Pedestral Condenser Area - Looking West
 Turbine Hall - Steel Reinforcement
 Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking West

Pan View - Laydown Area - Looking West
 Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking Southeast
 Pan View - Fabric Filter - Looking West 
 Boiler Cavity Area
 Boiler Electrical Building -  Looking North
 Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking Southwest

 SWFGD_GRP-North of Chimney - Looking West
Pan View - Looking South