STH LP Duplex Heaters
Boiler Lower Furnace 
Fabric Filter 
STH Lub oil room 
 FF/FGD Elec Building
 Fire fighting
 Raw water U/G
 Demin plant
 MCW pipe
Oil waste Seperator 
 Industrial Waste Basin
 Coal transfer towers 10/11/12
 Chimney flue cans
Stacker Reclaimer A


 STH Duplex Heaters
 HP piping
Boiler Lower furnace pre-assembly 
Boiler cavity 
 GRP at Aeration basin (phase 6)
 Fire fight pumphouse
Boiler FD fan 
 Boiler PA fan
Fabric Filter/FGD Elec Building 
 Piperack 1
MCWPH center 
MCWPH south end 
 Electrochlorination building
Compressor building 
 Industrial waste basin
Water treatment Elec Room


 MCW pipe south east of STH
 MCW pipe run from STH to area north of New HV line
  MCW pipe run @ New HV line (looking south)
 MCW pipe run to Aeration basin (looking south)
MCW pipe run to MCWPH (looking south)
 MCW discharge from Aeration basin
MCW discharge south of existing ash conveyor (looking south)