MNG4 southside view

MNG4 southside view

CEB and STH southside view

CEB southside view

Client coal yard

Client HV Switchyard

Transfer Towers

TTS 11 and 12

TTS 12 and 13

Stacker reclaimer 1

Stacker reclaimer 2 foundation

Aeration basin

Aeration basin

Aeration basin

Demin plant



 Transformer Compound
 STH east wall
 STH east H2 storage
 STH - MCW north
 Boiler east pipe rack 2
 Boiler cavity
 Boiler east FD fan
 Absorber north
 Demin Plant
 Fuel oil Transfer stataion
 Piperack 12
 Piperack A
 Raw & Fire water BLDs
Treated waste water reclaimed plant


 STH 16m lvl
 STH Lub oil Rm
STH 0m lvl 
 STH southeast end
 Transformer Compound 
 Main Elec tower
 Absorber north end
 Fabric filter Elec Building
 Boiler west side
 Boiler west side PA fan
 Boiler FD fan east side
 Demin plant
 Stacker Reclaimer A
 Coal Yard
 Coal Elec Building South  
Coal Handling & BOP Elec Building


 STH 16m lvl
 STH Lub Oil Rm
K11 Demin Tank 
 CEB Control Room
 STH Sooth
 Transformer Compound
 Boiler FD fan East side
 PIperack 2
 Boiler Cavity
 GRP Aeration Basin
 Aeration Basin Elec BLD
 MCWPH southend
 MCWPH northend
 Electhrochlorination BLD
 Crusher House and conveyor 6
 TTS 11 & 12
 Coal yard North end Control BLD
 Industrial waste basin Compartment 4
 Industrial waste basin Compartment 3
 Industrial Waste Plant
Demin Plant