Boiler South end
Generator Stator lifting platform
Aeration Basin
Central Electrical Building 
 Main Transformer area
Cooling water pump house
Cooling water discharge
 Coal yard transfer tower 10
Client HV transfer compound 
VO 11 & 13 reclaimation


 Generator Lifting Equipment
Generator Lifting Equipment 
Generator Lifting Equipment/Platform 
K11 CRH Tank
LBC/LBA Spools @ Boiler
LBC Piping @ Boiler 45m lvl
Boiler rear end
Boiler Electrical Building 0m lvl 
FGD Duct Bypass section 
FGD Duct ID to Booster Fans section  
Fabric Filter
Lube oil Room 
 Absorber/Reactor Tower
Aeration Basin
Boiler Electrical Building 
Bottom Ash Silo
Demin Tanks 
Raw Water/ Fire water Tanks & Building Foundations
MCW trench north of STH 
Main Compressor Building Foundation
Industrial Waster Basin
Fly Ash Silo


  Boiler - Pressure Parts
 Boiler - Ljung Air Heater
  STH - ST/Gen Table @ 16M lvl
 STH - Lube Oil Room
  STH - CCW Piping @ 0M lvl
 Condensate Make Up Tank - Looking North

CEB - Cable Tray @ 16M lvl
 Main Transformer On Foundation
 FGD - Looking Northeast
 Booster Fan - Looking Southeast
  FGD - Looking East
 Absorber Area - Looking North
BEB - Cable Tray @ 0M lvl
 Chimney - Looking South
 Fly Ash Silo - looking North
  Service/Fire Water Pumphouse & Tanks - Looking East
 Bottom Ash Silo-Looking South
 Coal Yard Run Off Basin North Side - Looking West
 Coal Yard Transfer Tower #10 - Looking Northwest
 Aeration Basin - Looking South
CW Discharge Trench - Looking North