FGD, Fabric Filter and Power Block

Boiler - Northeast side

Boiler - East side

 Boiler - Pressure Parts and Walls

Steam Turbine Hall (East Side)

Steam Turbine Hall Table - Curing of Concrete

Steam Turbine Hall (West Side)

CEB - Northwest side

CEB - Cable Pulling Started - 0m level

MV Switchgear CEB - 4m level

CEB - Blockwork at 16m level
CEB - GSUT and Unit Transformers on site

 Main Transformer Area - Looking east

 BEB - Looking north

Fabric Filter Plant south side

MCW and MCW Saddle at SWFGD GRP Phase 3

MCW and MCW Saddle south of HV Line

Aeration basin

FGD Duct Erection