View from main entrance looking south 
 Northend close up View of 
 East side view
 VO11 works
 East side view close up 
North west end view
South east end view
 STH East end view
 STH & Transformer compound south end
Aeration basin 
 Aeration basin 
 MCW pipe return running to Aeration basin
 MCW pipe supply running from MCWPH
MCWPH looking south

STH - 2nd Duplex heater
 STH - 16m lvl
 STH west wall
Boiler north end 
 Boiler cavity
 Cable ducts between pit 7 & 8
 Boiler lower furnace assembly area
 FGD Southwest end
FGD Southeast end 
 FGD absorber
 FGD Aeration basin
 MCWPH northend
 MCWPH cavity
 MCWPH cavity
MCWPH southend
 Demin Plant
 Firefight supply 
Piperack 2 
 BOP Water treatment Elec building 
 BOP & Coal handling Elec building 
Stacker reclaimer

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