Boiler - Looking South
Boiler Backpass Hanger Rod Support Structure

Boiler Pressure Parts Wall
STH - ST/Gen Table - Looking West
STH - Roof Cladding - Looking West
CEB - MV Switchgear @ 4M lvl
CEB - LV Switchgear @ 10M lvl
 Main Transformer Area - Looking Southeast
 Boiler Electrical Building - Looking Southwest
 Fabric Filter - Looking North
FGD_RGP and MCW Pipes - Looking Southeast
Aeration Basin and CW Discharge Trench - Looking Southeast
CW Pumphouse - Looking Southwest
CW Discharge Trench - Looking North
Aeration Basin - Looking East
Power Island - Looking Southeast
FGD Area - Looking Southeast
                                                      FGD Area - Looking North
FGD Electrical Bldgand Bottom Ash Silo - Looking Northeast
Condensate Make up Tank - Looking South
Screening House - Looking North
Reclamation  @ 25 year Ash pond