Boiler, BEB and FF - Looking Southwest
  Boiler and Chimney - Looking Northwest
  Boiler, FGD Ducts, Booster Fans  and FF - Looking Southeast
  Boiler-Pressure Parts Wall and Pipr Headers
  Boiler-Pressure Parts Pipes
  Boiler_Duct Work - East Side 
  Boiler_Coal Pipes
  Boiler_Cable Tray Hangers
  Boiler_Area 2 Slab Concreting Works
  Boiler_Pipes Headers Preparation for Lifting
  Boiler Electrical Building - Looking South
 Booster Fan, Absorbers and FGD Foundation - Looking South
 FGD Duct Bypass Foundation - Looking North
  Steam Turbine Hall - Looking West
  Steam Turbine Hall - Looking East
 Central Electrical Building - Looking West
  Central Electrical Building - Looking Southeast
  Central Electrical Building - 4M Level Temporary Doors
 Central Electrical Building - 4M Level Cable Tray Installation
 Central Electrical Building - 10M Level Brickworks Installation
  Main Transformer Area- Looking East
 Chimney - Inside Windshell
Fly Ash Silo - Looking Northeast
 Service/Fire and Potable Water Storage Tank - Looking North
 SWFGD_GRP and MCW_North of New HV Line - Looking South
  SWFGD_GRP Phase 3 and MCW Saddle - Looking West
CW Discharge Trench_Temporary Works - Looking Southeast
Existing 5 yrs Ash Pond_West Side of Aeration Basin - Looking Southwest