Power Block - Looking Southeast
  Power Block - Looking Norhtwest
  Power Block - Looking West
  Boiler-Pressure Parts Wall
  Boiler-Pressure Parts 
  Boiler-Passenger Hoist Temporary Laydown
 Boiler - West Side Cable Ladder
  Boiler-Area 2
  Steam Turbine Hall - Looking East
   Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Southwest
 Electrical Pit #002 and #003, Condensate Make Tank
 Cable Duct banks bet. STH and Central Electrical Building
 Cooling Water Pipe Saddle East Side of STH- Looking North
  Central Electrical Building - Looking Southeast
  Central Electrical Building - Ground Floor
 Central Electrical Building - Second Floor
 Central Electrical Building - Second Floor
 Central Electrical Building - Third Floor
  Main Transformer Area- Looking East
  Boiler Electrical Building - Looking South
 FGD Area - Looking South
 FGD Duct to ID Fans - Looking Southeast
 Fabric Filter - Looking Northeast
  Fly Ash Silo - Looking North
 Service/Fire Water Storage Tank - Looking North
  Screening House - Looking Southwest
 MCW-Beneath New HV Line North side - Looking South
  Reclamation of 5 yr Ash Pond - Looking Southeast
Chimney  - Looking North