Boiler and Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Northwest
 Bunker Bay Area Ground Slab
 Boiler - Piping Installation Looking East
Bunker Bay Area Electrical Pit Preparation for Installation of Galvanised Angle
STH and Central Electrical Building - Looking West
Steam Turbine Hall - Looking East
Central Electrical Building and Aux. Trafo - Looking Northwest
Boiler Electrical Building - Looking West
Main Transformer Area - Looking Northwest
FGD Duct Foundation and  ID Fans - Looking Southeast
Demin Plant Foundation - Looking West
Screening Plant Foundation - Looking North
Pipe Rack #4 - Looking South
Equator M&E Laydown Area
Reclamation of 5 yr Ash Pond - Looking South
MCW Pipes South of New HV Line
MCW Pipes South of Steam Turbine Hall