Aerial View_BEB, FF, Chimney and SWFGD_GRP P2 - Looking North
   Aerial View_Chimney - Looking North

 Phase2_SWFGD_GRP-West of Chimney - Looking West
 Phase2_SWFGD_GRP-West of Chimney - Looking North
  Aerial View_Booster Fans - Looking Northwest
  Aerial View_Fabric Filter - Looking North
   Aerial View_Boiler Electrical Building - Looking Northeast
  ID Fans East Side- Excavation - Looking Southwest
   ID Fans West Side- Excavation - Looking Southwest
  Boiler and Fabric Filter - Looking South
 Boiler-Cavity Area - Looking South
Boiler-West Side - Looking Southeast
   Boiler-East Side - Looking Northwest
Mill Side_16M Level Metal Decking for Concrete Slab and Coal Silo Cone - Looking East
Boiler-West Side-Ducting Installation - Looking Southwest
 AerialView_ BOP Area-Spun Piling-East Side of Boiler - Looking East
Aerial View_Steam Turbine Hall-East Side - Looking Southeast
 Aerial View_Main Transformer Area - Looking South
 Steam Turbine Hall-South Side-Cooling Water Pipe Saddle - Looking East
  Phase 3_ Cooling Water Pipe Saddle - Looking Southeast
  Aerial View_Condensate Make Up Tank - Looking South
   Steam Turbine Hall-Structural Steel - Looking Northwest
Steam Turbine Hall-West of Condenser Area - Looking West
Aerail View_Central Electrical Building - Looking South