FGD south view

ID fan duct west view

Duct between Fabric Filter and Boiler west view

Fabric Filter roof top

Boiler north view

Boiler cavity

Boiler outage work

Boiler Tripper floor

Boiler Tripper floor

Boiler tripper floor

Boiler west view

STH 16.0m level

STH 16.0m level

STH 16.0m level

STH 0.0m level

Transformers area

Coal Transfer Towers

Coal Conveyor BC-06

Coal conveyor BC-07

Coal Handling Control Building

Stacker Reclaimer B

Piperack 8

Piperack 15.2

Bottom ash silo

Fly ash silo

Service and Fire Water Tanks

Demin plant

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Warehouse building

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