Boiler - Looking Southeast
 Boiler Backpass Hanger Rod Supports Structure and Water Walls
  Boiler Pressure Parts Walls
 Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Southwest
 STH - Elec Feed-water Pump OH Crane
 STH - Closed Cooling Water Piping @ 0M lvl
 STH - Cable Tray Installation @ 0M lvl
STH - Condenser Area

 MCW Pipe Area North Side of STH - Looking West
 CEB & Main Transformer Area
 Condensate Make up Tank - Looking Nort
FGD Area - Looking Northwest
Booster Fan Area - Looking Southeast

 Boiler Electrical Building - Looking West
  Boiler Electrical Building -Cable Tray Installation @ 0M lvl
 Water/Fire Fighting Pumphouse Area - Looking south
 Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Area _ Looking North
 Air Compressor Area - Looking North
  Pipe Rack B - Looking South
Bottom Ash Silo - Looking West
 Demin Water Treatment Plant Area - Looking West
 Chimney - Looking South
Coal Handling & BOP Elec Bldg. - Looking Northeast
Land Reclamation Progress for VO 11 & 13, & the New 5-Year Ash pond (6/05/13)

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