MNG 4 looking southwest
 Lub oil Equipment
 STH 0m lvl Polishing plant
 IPB below Generator
IPB from GCB to Generator 
 STH south stairwell
 STH west facade
 CEB & piperack 7
 Piperack 15.1
 Piperack 3 & BEB
Main Transformer Compound west wall
 Unit Trafo BBT10
 Unit Trafo BBT20
 HV tower
 Cables Pit 8 (north of Boiler)
 Boiler Bunker bay
 Boiler Flash Tank
 Boiler Lower Furnace
 Boiler west side FD/PA fans
 FGD Ducts
 Aeration basin
 GRP phase 1 & 4
 Bottom Ash Silo
 MCWPH north end
 MCWPH center
 MCWPH center
 MCWPH south end
 Demin plant
 Raw water pump house

 Coal Yard & BOP Elec BLDG
 Oil waste separator
 Stacker Re-claimer
 Screening house steel work
 Transfer Tower 10
Cola yard Control BLDG

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