MNGIV - East side view
 STH STG table
 STH - Condenser
 STH - 8m vlv
 STH - HP piping
STH - K10 H2 seperator 
 STH - B60 Mixed bed exchangers
 STH - -5.2m L61
 L61 valves
 Fabric Filter
 Aeration basin
 Boiler cavity south end
 Boiler cavity north end
 FGD Bypass
 Absorber/Reactor Structure
 MCWPH north end
MCWPH center 
 MCWPH south end
 MCW pipe east of STH
 MCW pipe north of STH
 Fire-fighting pump house
 Piperack 1
Boiler hopper assembly area 
K11 tank 
Lub Oil Room 
 FGD/FF Elec Building

 Coal Yard & BOP coal handling building
 FD fan
Demin plant

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