Boiler - Pressure Parts
 Boiler - Ljung Air Heater
Mill E Bearing Pedestal
 STH - LP1 Lower Casing and Generator Stator
 STH - CCW Piping to Compressor Vacuum Pumps @ 0M lvl
 STH - Sliding of Condenser Neck @ 0M lvl
  STH - Condenser Area
 STH - Self Cleaning Filters @ -5.2M lvl
CCW Piping to Heat Exchanger
  STH - TFWP Foundation
 STH - Looking West

CEB - MV Room
Main Transformer Area - Looking South
  FGD - Looking Northeast
   FGD - Looking East
 Booster Fan - Looking Southeast

 BEB - Cable Tray @ 0M lvl
  Chimney - Inside Windshell
  Bottom Ash Silo-Looking South
 Service/Fire Water Pumphouse & Tanks - Looking Northeast

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