Boiler and Steam Turbine Hall - Looking North
Boiler Area 6
Boiler - Installation of Header
Boiler - Preparation for Installation of Headers

Boiler Area 1
Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Northwest
Steam Turbine Hall - Looking East
Steam Turbine Hall - Looking from CEB
Steam Turbine Hall - Annex
Central Electrical Building and Aux. Trafo - Looking West
Central Electrical Building and Aux. Trafo - Looking Northeast

Central Electrical Building - Gnd Flr
Central Electrical Building - 1st Flr

Central Electrical Building - 2nd Flr
GSU Trafo Foundation - Looking East
Boiler Electrical Building
Fabric Filter Plant - North Side
MCW Pipeline South of Turbine Hall
MCW Pipe Trench North of New HV Line
MCW & GRP Pipes South of New HV Line
Bottom Ash Silo Piling
Industrial Waste Water
Aeration Basin
Demin Plant & Tanks
Condensate Reserve Tank & U/G Electrical Ducting - West of STG
FGD Duct Foundation and ID Fans - Looking South