Boiler, Fabric Filter & ID Fans - Looking Southeast
 Boiler and Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Northwest
  Boiler-Pressure Parts Hanger
 FGD Duct Foundation bet. ID Fans and Absorber Area - Looking West
 ID Fans - Looking North
Screening House - Looking North

 DeminWater Treatement Plant Area - Looking South
  Main Transformer Area - Looking North
   Main Transformer Area - Looking South
  Steam Turbine Hall Completion of 0.0M lvl Slab -East Side - Looking East
 STH and Central Electrical Building - Looking West
  Steam Turbine Hall - Looking East
 Steam Turbine Hall-ST / GT Table Top  - Looking North
  Steam Turbine Hall Installation of Spring 
  Steam Turbine Hall Installation of Spring
  Central Electrical Building - Looking Southwest
  Phase 3-FGD_GRP and MCW-Excavation Works- Looking Northwest
 MCW Pipe Saddle -to Aeration Basin and CW Pumphouse- Looking South
 Aeration Basin-Spun Piling Works - Looking Southeast
 Reclamation of 5 yr Ash Pond - Looking South