Morning EHS Toolbox Meeting of Mudajaya on Site
 Chimney - Looking Northwest
  Absorber Area - Looking Southeast
  Booster Fans - Looking Northeast

   Flue Gas Duct Foundation Bet. Boiler and FF West Side - Looking East
 Cable Pull Pit #8 - Looking East
 Fabric Filter -West Side- Looking Southeast
  Boiler Electrical Building - Looking North
  Boiler and Fabric Filter - Looking South
 Boiler-West Side - Looking Southeast
   Boiler-East Side - Looking Northwest
Boiler - Separator Storage Tank "B" Installation
  Fly Ash Silo-Bore Piling - Looking North
 Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant-Spun Piling - Looking North
  Main Transformer Area - Looking Northwest
 Cooling Water Pipe South Side of STH- Looking East
  Cooling Water Pipe Saddle-Phase 3 - Looking Southeast
  Steam Turbine Hall-East Side - Looking South
   Steam Turbine Hall Steel Structure & Column upto ST/Gen Table - Looking West
   Steam Turbine Hall-Structural Steel - Looking East
 Steam Turbine Hall-Column upto ST/Gen. Table - Looking Southwest
  Central Electrical Building - Looking Northwest
 Delivery of Materials - Cooling Water Pipes
FGD Duct Pre Fabrication on  Platforms @ Laydown Area