Chimney - Looking Northwest
 Aerial View_Absorber Area, ID Fans and Boster Fans
 Aerial View_Boiler, Fabric Filter and Boiler Electrical Building
   Boiler-East Side - Looking Northwest
 AerialView_ BOP Area East Side of Plant - Looking South
  Main Transformer Area - Looking Northwest
 Areial View_East Side of STH Looking South
   Steam Turbine Hall Steel Structure & Column upto ST/Gen Table - Looking West
   Steam Turbine Hall-Structural Steel - Looking East
Steam Turbine Hall-Column upto ST/Gen. Table - Looking Northwest
Aeria_View MCW-Beneath New HV Line and Phase 4 - Looking South
Aerial View_ Aeration Basin and MCW Saddle Spun Piles @ 5yr Ash Pond - Looking South
Aerial View_Main Cooling Water Pump House - Looking South
 Central Electrical Building - Looking West
 MCW Pipe Saddle Area North of New HV Line Excavation - Looking East