Panoramic View - Chimney and Phase2_SWFGD_GRP - Looking Southwest
  Panoramic View - Boiler Area - Looking South
  Panoramic View - Boiler Area - Looking East
  Panoramic and Aerial View - Boiler Area - Looking North
 Panoramic and Aerial View - Steam Turbine Hall - Looking South
 Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking Southwest
Boiler-Structural Steel-East Side - Looking Northwest
 Phase2_SWFGD_GRP - Looking Southeast
 Boiler Electrical Building - Looking Southwest
 Fabric Filter - Looking Southeast
 Boiler-Electrical Pit #6 to #7-Top Slab - Looking North
 Boiler-Electrical Pit #5 to #6-Top Slab - Looking South
 Boiler Area-West Side - Looking South
  Boiler Area-West Side - Looking North
 Boiler Electrical Pit #1 - Looking South
 Ash System Pit - Looking Southwest
  Boiler Electrical Pit #3 - Looking East
 Boiler Electrical Pit #4 - Looking Southeast
Aerial View-Mill E & Mill F - Looking Northwest
 Mill D - Looking West
 Mill C - Looking West
 Mill B - Looking West
 Mill A - Looking Southeast
 Steam Turbine Hall - Looking Northwest
  Steam Turbine Hall-South Side - Looking East
 Steam Turbine Hall-North Side - Looking East
 Steam Turbine Hall - Looking southeast
 Central Electrical Building - Looking Northeast
 MCW Beneath New HV Line - Looking North
Phase1_SWFGD_GRP Beneath New HV Line - Looking South
3/5 of Client Tower for New HV Line