Flue Gas Duct-Pipe Duct-Excavation of Bored Piling in Progress

Chimney-Steel Fixing of Top Bars of the Base Foundation in Progress
 F11-Boiler-Final Preparation of Base Foundation Prior for Concreting
 F8-Boiler-Prepartion Prior for Steel Fixing of Base Foundation

 Boiler-East Side-Backfilling and Compaction in Progress
 Mill-South Side-Backfilling in Progress
 Mill A&B-Retaining Wall-Formworks Installation of Wall in Progress
Mill E-Mechanical-Scaffolding Erection in Progress
Turbine Hall-Tower Crane Preparation Prior for Erection
 Turbine Hall-Lean Concreting Completed
 Turbine Hall-East Side-Excavation for Box Tie in Progress
Central Electrical Building-Steel Fixing of Base Foundation in Progress
 Phase 1-Main Cooling Water (MCW)-Pedals for MCW Pipes
  Phase 1-Main Cooling Water (MCW)-Formworks Fabrication in Progress
  Phase 1-Main Cooling Water (MCW)- Spun Pile Cutting in Progress
 Phase 1-Sea Water Flue Gas Desulphurisation-Glass Reinforced Pipes-Backfilling and Compaction in Progress