Mill -H -Adjustment To Brickwall And Final Setting To J-Bolts.

Mill -D -Hacking /Chipping For Construction Joint.

Turbine Hall -(-3.6MLSD) -Preparation For Lean Concrete -Grid -4 -Grid 5 -B/D.

Turbine Hall-Condensate Sump Pit -Preparation For Installation Of I-Beam Support.

Turbine Hall -(-3.6MLSD) -Grid -5 - Grid -9 -B/D -Hacking Of Piles.

F4-Type D -Boiler -West Side -Formwork Installation Completed.

F6 -Stump -Boiler -West Side -Final Inspection To Elevation Prior Concreting.

F4-Type A -Boiler -West Side -Steel Reinforcement Completed.

F4-Type D -Boiler- West Side -Formwork Installation Completed.

Joint Inspection -Of Positioning & Elevation -F6 -Stumps -Boiler -West Side -Prior Concreting.

F10-B4 -Boiler -West Side -Steel Fixing -Bottom Layer.

B17-BB -Bunker/Mill -Pedestal -Final Checking Of Postioning And Elevation Prior Concreting.

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