Consortium Office -Alstom -Grd. Floor.

Consortium Office -Alstom -Grd. Floor.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile #HN15-1200mm dia. -Chimney BOP -SinoHydro.

Boring To Pile #HN43-1200mm dia. -Chimney -BOP -EconPile.

Fabric Fliter -Gridline 6 -Gridline 8 -Final Inspection Prior Concreting.

F4 -Type A & D -Boiler -West Side -Preparation For Lean Concrete.

F4 -Type A & D -Boiler -West Side -Preparation For Lean Concrete In Progress.

F6 -Type A -Boiler -West Side -Steel Fixing In Progress.

Turbine Hall -Preparation For 3rd-Stage Excavation.

Mill -F -Preparation For Construction Joint In Progress.

CEB -Excavation In Progress -Preparation For Lean Concrete.

Sheet Piling (Coffer Dam) -F10 -B4 -Boiler -West Side.

Fabric Filter -Gridline 6 -Gridline 8 -Concreting In Progress.

F4-Type-E -Boiler -Concreting In Progress.

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