Consortium Office -Alstom -Laying Of Bricks -Grd. Floor.

Installation Of Dewatering Pipes -Boiler -East Perimeter -87/120 points.

Installation Of Dewatering Pipes -Boiler -East Perimeter.

Sheet Piling To Boiler -Type F3/F6 -Foundation -Preparation Of Coffer Dam.

MLT -In Progress -Pile #B57-1200mm dia. -Boiler.1141Ton.

Hacking Of Piles -Bunker/Mill -B13.

Pile Cap -Bunker/Mill -B9 -Pending PIT -Proceed With Steel Reinforcement Installation.

Preparation Of Bar Bending Yard -Boiler -Type F3/F6 -Foundations.

Excavation For Dewatering Discharge Drainage(Boiler -North Side) To Silt Trap Area.

Concreting To Pile #B08 -800mm dia. -FGD -EconPile.

Concreting To Pile #B16 -800mm dia. -FGD -EconPile.

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