STH 16m lvl

Boiler feed floor
MNG4 south view

MNG4 south view

Boiler south view

STH and CEB south view

CEB south view

Client coal yard

Client HV switchyard

Client HV Switchyard

Transfer towers

Transfer tower TTS-13 and conveyor BC-07

Coal handling control building

Coal handling electric room

Stacker reclaimer A

Stacker reclaimer B

Piperack 14

Aeration basin

Aeration basin

Coal yard run-off basin

Fuel oil forwarding station

Demin plant

MCWPH and Electrochlorination plant
DCS room block work in DCS room, CWPH
Start of cable tray supports on concrete wall at MCWPH, going to the pumps
CWPH connection piece
PR 11 connection to CWPH, erection of bridge started this am (columns will rest on concrete slab, both sides of the staircase)
Installation of DC panels in DC/UPS in ECP building
New parking at CEB done by EHS
Commissioning meeting room in control room, installation on going
Turbine overview, spray insulation on going
Feeder floor in boiler

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