Power Block Northwest Side

Boiler Backpass Hanger Rods Support Structure

STH - Roofing Looking West

STH - ST / Gen Table

Central Electrical Building

Central Electrical Building @ 0M lvl

 Central Electrical Building @ 4M lvl

Main Transformer Area - Looking Southeast
Fabric Filter Plant

MCW Pipe saddles - between Boiler and STH

FGD_RGP and MCW Pipes - Looking Southeast

Aeration Basin and CW Discharge Trench - Looking Southeast

MCW Saddle at Aeration Basin

Aeration basin

Aeration basin

CW Discharge Trench

Service/Fire/Potable tank foundation - looking east

Demin Water Plant and Tanks Foundations

Fly-ash Silo Foundation

Condensate Make up Tank - Looking North

FGD Area Slab - Northside

FGD Area Ducts - Southside

FGD Area - Southside

FGD Electrical Building & Piperack Foundation

Screening Plant Foundation

Cooling Water Pump-house Looking North

Manjung 4 Project

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