Power Block - Looking Southeast
  Power Block - Looking Northwest
 Boiler - Presure Parts Walls
  Mill Bunker Area - Looking East
 STH - Looking West
 STH_ST/ Gen Table - Installation of Gen. Elephant Feet
  STH_ST/ Gen Table - Installation of Gen. Elephant Feet
 Central Electrical Building @ 0M lvl
  Central Electrical Building_Small Power & Lighting Cable Trunking @ 0M lvl
  Central Electrical Building @ 4M lvl
  Central Electrical Building @ 10M lvl
 Main Transformer Area - Looking Southeast
 CW Pipe_Phase 3  - Looking East
 Fabric Filter - Looking Northwest
 Booster Fan - Looking southwest
 Fly Ash Silo - Looking East
 Demin Water Treatment Plant - Looking East
 Industrial Waste Water Treatment Basin - Looking Northeast
 Condensate Make up Tank - Looking North
 FGD Electrical Building - Looking south
 Bottom Ash Silo - Looking south
Coal Yard Run Off Basin North Side - Looking Northwest

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