Fabric Filter -Trimming Of Pile Heads.

Fabric Filter -Installation Of Formwork -Pile Caps.

Fabric Filter -Installation Of Steel Reinforcement -Pile Caps.

F1 Foundation -Boiler -West Side -Excavation In Progress.

F3 -Boiler -East Side -Curing In Progress.

Sheet Piling (Coffer Dam) -F3/F6 -Foundation -Boiler -East Side.

Formwork -Bunker/Mill -B17 -B13 -BA/BB -Scheduled For Concreting On 27.12.2011

Installation Of Treme Pipes -Pile # A01 -800mm dia. -Slag Conveyor.

Trimming To Pile Heads -Bunker/Mill.

MLT -Pile #T282 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall.

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