Consortium Office -Alstom.

Carting Away Of Debris -Preparation For PIT -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Hacking Of Piles -Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side -Preparation For PIT.

Hacking Of Piles -B03 -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B1-BA.

Concreting To Pile #T310 -1000mm dia. -Turbine Hall -SinoHydro.

Boring To Pile #A20 -800mm dia. -CCB -SinoHydro.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Pile #A81-800mm dia. -CCB -SinoHydro.

Inspection Prior Preparation Of Buil-Up -Pile #B04 -Bunker/Mill Foundation -B1-BB.

Preparation For Lean Concrete/FDT -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B3/B5.

Type F3 Foundation -Boiler -West Side -Hacking Of Piles Completed.

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