Aerial View -(View From North).

Existing -Project Site Office -AP/CMC/MudaJaya/GIGA/Econpile/Sinohydro.

Aerial View -MJG4 -(View From West).

Arial View -MJG4. (View From South).

Boring To Test Pile -Chimney -1200mm dia. -EconPile.

Installation Of Sensor Cables -Sonic Logging -Test Pile -Chimney -1200mm dia. -EconPile.

Hacking Of Piles -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Applying Of Curing Compound -Bunker/Mill Foundation -B11 -1st Phase Pour.

Final Inspection Prior Concreting -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B13 -1st Phase Pour.

Installation Of Steel Cage -Test Pile -Chimney -1200mm dia. -EconPile.

Concreting To Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B13 -1st Phase Pour.

Concreting To Bunker/Mill Foundation -B13 -1st Phase Pour.

Installation Of Sonic Logging Pipes -Test Pile Chimney -1200mm dai. -EconPile.

Consortium Site Office -Alstom.

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