Consortium Office -Alstom.

Fabric Filter Area.

Fabric Filter Area.

Inspection Of Re-Bars -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B13.

Hacking Of Piles -Type F3 -Foundation -Boiler -West Side.

Chimney Test Pile-1200mm dia. -Preparation To Commence With Boring Works.-EconPile-

Consortium Office-Alstom -Plastering In Progress.

Excavation To Cut-Off Level -Fabric Filter Area.

Steel Fixing -Bunker/Mill -Foundation -B15 -1st Phase Pour.

Installation Of Formwork -Bunker/Mill Foundation -B13 -1st Phase Pour.

Compaction -Backfilling Works -Bunker/Mill Foundation -B1/B3/B5/B7 -Upto Level -1.000

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